Firstly, you need to determine your unique vision for the perfume you desire to create.

Do you want a fragrance that reflects your unique personality?
Or are you looking to create a scent that conveys a specific message?

After the initial consultation and providing useful advice and guidance, the actual design process begins.
Our company's perfume experts will identify the ingredients and notes for the client's unique perfume.
They will provide him with small samples to test and evaluate until the desired scent is achieved.

If he doesn't have a specific scent in mind, we will offer him a variety of samples
from our existing fragrance collection, considering concentration ratios.

Designing the final perfume may require several rounds of modification and trial.
The client will evaluate the provided samples and give us his feedback. We will work on adjusting the formula and tweaking the ratios according to his remarks until the desired perfume is achieved.
This task takes only a few minutes.

Testing & Production

Production, bottling, and packaging: Once the final perfume is decided, the client will be shown samples of perfume bottles, considering the aesthetic look through color or special packaging processes.

The client will select the shape that suits his unique vision.

After selecting the perfume and the bottle, we will proceed to the packaging department.

We have design experts who will showcase several exterior packaging designs and provide useful advice regarding the type of cover, its thickness, colors, and so forth.

After completing the previous processes and agreeing on the required quantity, our company will manufacture this product using high technology and extensive expertise in this field within a specified time frame and deliver it to the client at our company or ship it to the location he desires via reputable transportation and shipping companies.

Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration: Our company registers the client's business name as a trademark in the relevant institutions, in accordance with local laws and regulations. It is protected under a legal and healthy umbrella.

Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure of Information: Our company is committed to preserving the client's information confidentiality and ensuring that the trade name or other details are not disclosed to the public or unauthorized third parties. Strict security procedures and confidentiality agreements are implemented to ensure the protection of commercial data.

Legal Agreements and Contracts: Agreements and contracts are signed between our company and its client to establish intellectual property rights and legal protection for the trade name and trademarks. Clauses that protect the client's rights and determine mutual responsibilities and obligations are included.

Monitoring Use and Intellectual Property Violations: The company monitors the use of the trade name and the client's trademark only within Turkey, and handles any potential cases of intellectual property infringement.

If any unauthorized use or trademark infringement is discovered, the company takes the appropriate legal actions to protect its client's rights.